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Our company built for the hardcore athlete or the beginner by actual athletes. We are made up of a team of crossfitters, weightlifters, and sports enthusiasts. We know there are many options out there when it comes to workout gear, gloves, compression gear, etc, however many of the items out there lack the quality to withstand years of use and we wanted to create a brand and products that can withstand the constant difficult workouts while minimizing discomfort.


Our Flagship

Product the 3 Finger Padded glove with Premium Stiff Wrist Wraps is a new design that is unlike any other in the market. Many workout gloves have great padding and support but a weaker wrist wrap, and vice versa, many of the premier wrist wraps have the best crossweave and more expensive materials but lack the padding and quality in the glove. Well, now you have both. We combined the two while making it the most affordable CROSSFIT and Lifting products on the market.


Our Products

perfect for Cross Training and traditional weightlifting as well as powerlifting or any impact sports. Try us for your next WOD or HIIT training session and if you are not completely and utterly satisfied, let us know and we will give you your money back, no questions asked.


Our company

Was built on Customer Satisfaction and quality! It is the single most important reason we exist. If you are not completely blown away and satisfied, please reach out to us directly at help@itifit.com or by calling us at 801-200-3995 anytime and we will listen to you and make things right. We also love to hear from you about your ideas and feedback on how to improve any products or bring new products to market. You are our partner as our customer and we value your feedback the most!