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Crossfit Gloves Wrist Wraps 3F, Black, XL




Training Grip Wrist Wrap Gloves

Made For Lifters by Pro Lifters

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● Extra Palm Padding for comfort and Preventing Callouses

● Minimalist design with open back for maximum airflow and breathability

● Reinforced double stitching for extra durability and strength

● Heavy Duty Elastic Nylon Weave Adjustable Wrist Wraps that are 3 inch wide and 18 inches long   for extra stability and wrist reinforcement

● Unique neoprene design making it lightweight and breathable for optimal performance

● Non-Slip Palm Grips for no slippage when gripping the bart

● High Quality Simulated Leather cushioned palms to protect hands from callouses and reduce grip fatigue

● Finger Pull Tabs for quick removal

● Large Pull Tab for Removing Quickly and Easily

● 3 Finger Style Fit which is all you need for maximum flexibility and protection